Battery Pack for Wireless Operation of Tattoo Machines

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Battery Pack for Wireless Operation of Tattoo Machines - Works with ANY machine that uses an RCA connection


These revolutionary battery packs are designed to power your tattoo machine without the use of cords, cables, or foot switches.  Practically take your machine anywhere and have no limitations on range or movement.  

Weighing a mere 2 ounces these batteries do not have a negative effect on the weight or balance of the machine.  Battery can also be situated at any angle to compensate weight distribution according to your preference.  

Plug the battery into any RCA connection, hold the button to power on, double tap the button to adjust power settings.

5 voltage pre-sets 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, and 10.5

Enjoy 3-5 hours of run time from a full charge, depending on the voltage you run at.

Can be fully wrapped for protection against cross contamination.

USB Charging cable included.

1500mAH Capacity Wireless Battery- RCA Connector

30 day replacement warranty from date of purchase for non-functioning batteries only.


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8 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5

    @jrs_ink Dec 30th 2019

    Great bang for your buck!

    I must say I was very skeptical but I am elated how great this is for me! FREEDOM! No more wires tangling under my chair. I also move constantly to get better angles when I tattoo. I also bought two so when I’m working I have a back up for battery life. Finally, a purchase that didn’t disappoint. Thank you !

  • 5

    Daniel Skog (tattoosbyskog @ instagram) Aug 31st 2019

    Above my expectations

    Got 2 of these battery pack, worked above my expectations as I worked today with one of them. Fast charging & lightweight, the volts feel a bit of with +1 volt. And lastly, the description says it doesn’t work with Inkjecta but it really does. Tried it with a Flite v.2.1 and a Nano. With the Flite you just have to start it without a needle and increase 1 setting quickly.

  • 5

    Jock Hyland May 28th 2019

    Smooth Running

    I was really surprised how well this power supply worked right out the box. The settings are simple and the voltage increments are not an issue like I though. It’s nice to be wireless for only $60!! Well worth giving it a try at least.

  • 5

    Angel Caban May 14th 2019


    Light and powerful piece of equipment that's easy to set up and use. would recommend it.

  • 5

    Matt Chateauneuf Apr 16th 2019

    Wireless tattooing

    I was real apprehensive to buy these thinking no way will they perform the way I would like. Not only was I wrong I was completely blown away. These things are pimp for sure. Love not having a cord anymore. Bought 2 to start probably pick up one more so I can get through a full day regardless of the work load.

  • 5

    Nathantattoos Apr 8th 2019


    These Batteries Not only give you the ability to operate wirelessly and create on the fly but if you are a serious convention worker these things are an absolute game-changer I worked a full 3-day convention only cycling to batteries and never had to worry about power or not being tied down by cables!!!!!!!!

  • 5

    Kenn Vigil Apr 6th 2019

    Wireless battery pack

    I use these with the xion. The power runs smooth and consistent. Preset voltage settings. I bought 2 and each one runs about 4-5 hours. Takes about an hour to charge fully.

  • 5

    Dan Trueblood Feb 7th 2019

    Wireless tattooing!

    I bought 2 which only makes sense so I can always have a backup charged. These fit the xion like a glove. On my neotat vivace machines they fit a lil loose and will spin while using them. But after covering it with a clip cord cover and some coban it stays in place. These work remarkably well. You can view them running on my Instagram @dantrn.fleshwoundtattoo