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The Difference Between Tattoo Ink Brands

The Difference Between Tattoo Ink Brands

Posted by Rob Smead on Dec 13th 2021

Being a tattoo artist has never been more challenging or fulfilling. With so many different cartridges, needles, inks, machines, grips and other accessories, finding what works best for you and your clients is no easy feat. Plus, each tattoo has a uniquely human story behind it.

Trial and error might be able to help you decide which supplies are best, but most customers probably wouldn't appreciate being your guinea pig. Instead, you can research various brands and ask for word of mouth from colleagues and friends.

At Electrum Supply, we are here to help with our guide to high-quality tattoo ink brands. After reviewing this information, we hope you feel confident in deciding what ink to use in your business. To start, let's take a quick look at the different ink brands we carry.

Colored Inks

When you need vibrant colors and contrast for what you're drawing, colored ink gives you more creative freedom and allows you to capture your client's personality.

Unlike black, white and gray tattoos, colored inks tend to fade faster over time and require more frequent touch-ups to keep the tattoo looking vibrant and colorful. The best way to prevent premature fading of your tattoo, it is essential that you utilize SPF rated sunscreens on your tattoos. Thankfully, the colored inks we provide give you a wide selection of options to choose from.

Electrum Ink

Not only do we sell a wide assortment of tattoo accessories, supplies and tools, but we also make a proprietary line of tattoo ink. Electrum Ink is our take on creating a better and bolder ink for all artists. We know what tattoo artists need and what works for them. Most of you already trust us to provide you with the brands and quality items you use daily, so why not allow us to supply you with tried-and-true ink?

At Electrum Ink, we manufacture our ink with the best pigments in the world. With many different color variations to choose from, you'll always find what you need.

By choosing Electrum Ink, you're sure to have an ever-growing range of vibrant, high-quality colors to pick from. We have an Opaque 1-4, a Gray Wash 1-4 and selected mixing and outlining inks.

Our mixing ink works best with every other Electrum Ink color we have, giving you the freedom to create the exact color you want. Our black-and-white mixing ink blends smoothly and without separation to create results you can be proud of.

Our overarching goal is unity. While we stand by our top-tier ink, we also value the relationships we form with the artists who use them every day. We always aim to provide you with the best and newest products, constantly staying one step ahead of everyone else. Try a bottle for yourself. From the moment you glide the tattoo needle across your client's skin, you'll recognize the quality and consistency we offer with every product.

Eternal Ink

If you're looking for that one hard-to-find color to help finish a tattoo you have planned, Eternal Ink most likely has what you've been searching for. From Zombie Infected Skin to Muted Earth Tone Dirty Money, Eternal Ink offers ink colors you've never even heard of.

Eternal Ink offers an impressive selection of colored inks, with bright, vibrant tones that pop on the skin. Their colors will last longer and have high durability to withstand aging, sun damage and environmental hazards. It will not fade as quickly, and your client will be happier.

At Electrum Supply, we guarantee you will find the color you need, so our selection of Eternal Ink has over 200 different colors to choose from.

Perma Blend

Perma Blend inks are synonymous with permanent makeup. They create bottles of ink that work well for applying cosmetic additions to portraits. You can select from a wide range of eyeliners, eyeshadows, lips, skin tone and other color characteristics for a face.

Or, if you have a client who is actively seeking a more permanent makeup solution, these inks give you options. With Perma Blend and the occasional touch-up, your client will no longer need to worry about having perfectly outlined eyes.

Furthermore, Perma Blend inks are your go-to inks for creating visually realistic portraits, gashes, cuts, scars and other similar characteristics. While the technique, drawing and shading all come down to artist talent, Perma Blend inks give you more natural and authentic colors. Does your client want blood dripping down claws or a scar across their face? Perma Blend has you covered.

World Famous Ink

If Perma Blend or Eternal Ink isn't the option for you, no worries. World Famous Ink offers an equally impressive assortment of ink colors to satisfy. Our selection of World Famous Ink offers similar color palettes to match any skin tone, zombie or human. Maybe you want to make more picturesque tattoos or ones that resemble marble and gold idols. Whatever your preference, World Famous Ink has what you need.

World Famous Ink has been around for many years and has remained a family-owned company. They have strived to engineer inks that are darker, bolder, brighter and longer-lasting. Do you need a red to make an apple stand out? World Famous Ink has that. Do you need a blue to capture the look of the ocean? World Famous Ink has you covered. From blacks and whites to reds and blues, World Famous Ink makes every color of the rainbow.

Black-and-White Only Inks

Nothing beats a classic black-and-white tattoo. The dramatic contrast between the two colors enables you to create some stunning works of art. That's why you'll need ink that stays true to its color long after the final session. These brands offer a thorough saturation with high pigment concentrations.

We sell some of the leading black-and-white inks from various companies. If you find one you like more than another, don't hesitate to switch. Regardless, you'll always know that your options are the best available when shopping our extensive catalog.


If you find yourself needing a deep black to contrast with other colors, Allegory BLAK might be the ink for you. This smooth, consistent liquid dispersed pigment offers a color that goes in well with good saturation. It's the perfect ink for lining and shading, especially for outlining and making shadows pop.

These eight-ounce bottles come heat-sealed to ensure no tampering with the ink. Each bottle also has a glass marble agitator to keep consistency throughout the tattooing process.


Most of us know Dynamic for its premium ink that creates bolder and longer-lasting colors. Each bottle comes pre-dispensed in eight-ounce bottles. Our Dynamic brand of tattoo ink comes in two colors — black and white. Each shade comes in an original ink or premium blend.

  • Black: We offer two versions of Dynamic brand black ink. First, we have the Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink, which is your standard black ink. Many tattoo artists revere Dynamic black as the best outline ink. It goes into the skin without any difficulties and stays long after the tattoo has fully healed. The standard black ink is excellent for lining, shading, tribal designs and blending. We also carry the Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink. As you might have guessed, Triple Black offers three times the black compared to the standard. Each stroke gives a much blacker and bolder look on the skin due to its higher pigment concentration. You can use this premium ink in the same way you would the standard version.
  • White: Just like the black ink, Dynamic white ink has two variations. You have the traditional Dynamic White Tattoo Ink in an eight-ounce bottle. This ink offers the same dramatic boldness as the black equivalent. Each stroke gives a bright and beautiful white pigmentation to the skin. Dynamic White Tattoo Ink works well with other ink blends. Feel free to add some white to another color. Do you need a gray? Combine it with Dynamic Black. Next, we have Dynamic Heavy White Tattoo Ink. Dynamic proudly claims that this white ink becomes a vibrant and pure shade that stands the test of time. You can use it to highlight black and gray tattoos, create your white ink designs or mix them with other colors.

Empire Ink

Our Empire collection comes in the standard black-and-white sets. You can buy each four-ounce bottle separately for experimentation or in groups of four if you would prefer. Empire works with chemists to create safe, reliable inks. The inks offer much-needed consistency with each stroke of the needle.

For the darkest black Empire has to offer, try their Ivory Black Ink. Ivory Black has a cleaner and darker appearance than the standard black counterpart. It works well with maintaining a medium viscosity through its smooth and consistent blends. Empire suggests you use Ivory Black with warmer skin tones for excellent contrast.

Some of us love a well-executed grayscale tattoo, and while blacks and whites work well with this monochrome style, having a reliable gray is just as crucial. Our Empire collection offers their pre-mixed graywash ink. The ink comes in four stages that correspond with the brightness you want. You can use one or all four to create beautiful grayscale tattoos.

If names and sponsorships mean more to you, Cincinnati tattoo artist Austin Fields has put his name on a black ink with this brand. Empire worked with Fields to create a black ink that matches his blackwork style. The result is Austin Fields Signature Black. This blend is perfect for getting those thin lines without the worry of bleeding.


If you are looking for a more eco-conscious company, look no further than Intenze. With its new Going Green Initiative, Intenze focuses on your clients and the environment. They pride themselves on their vegan and cruelty-free inks that come pre-sterilized and contain zero toxins.

All these eco-friendly perks come together to create their Zuper Black Tattoo Ink. This black claims to be blacker than black and might be the most intense on the market, but that's for you to decide.

Regardless, Zuper Black works well for capturing those mysterious and elegant designs. Each stroke gives character to every shadow, shade and outline. This 12-ounce bottle will be sure to captivate you with its high pigment and saturation.

Electrum Supply Has the Supplies You Need

Whether you're an amateur or professional tattoo artist, Electrum Supply has all the tools and supplies you need to be successful. The options are numerous and can be intimidating, especially for up-and-coming artists. Electrum Supply has what you need, from tattoo ink to needles, cartridges or other helpful accessories.

With hundreds of ink variations, formulas and colors, deciding which ink works best for you might be a challenge, but hopefully, this article has given you enough insight to make informed decisions.

If you're still at a loss and don't know which to choose, ask us for more information about the brands we carry. Give us a call at 574-975-3632 today.