Cheyenne Safety Cartridges - ROUND SHADER

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Cheyenne Safety Cartridges - ROUND SHADER

-Precision machined in Germany

                 *Each needle cartridge made of single-use disposable material with medical plastic tip

                  *Sterilized and individually packaged

-Highest Quality Control

-Safety membrane is ultra hygienic

                *Prevents ink from entering the tattoo machine motor

                 *Shields against germs and bacteria from your client's bloodstream

Available in:

- Box of 10 cartridge needles

- Box of 20 cartridge needles  (in select formations)


While selecting your desired needle grouping(s), please refer to the table below as a guide to Cheyenne's needle grouping terminology.

Please note that prices vary slightly based on the configuration you select.

Cheyenne Needle Grouping Name Meaning
Softedge Curved
Bugpin Textured
MT Medium Taper
L Long Taper
Power .40mm Thick Needle


Please Note: Cheyenne has updated their packaging for Cheyenne Hawk Needles. Package may vary from pictured.

Price per one box of 10 or 20 needle cartridges

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