The below listed distributors are authorized to sell our products and purchase our products directly from us.

You can rest assured that any Electrum products purchased from these sources are authentic (and made with lots of love and good vibes, of course). 

Distributor Inquiries
Interested in stocking Electrum products? Send us a message at distributor@electrumsupply.com.
A Warning About Counterfeit Tattoo Products

The production of counterfeit tattoo products has dramatically increased worldwide. Electrum is distributed Worldwide, and it is very difficult to track our products and where they ultimately end up. Counterfeit tattoo products are NOT produced by reputable manufacturers or within strictly controlled environments. Counterfeit operations have no moral or ethical guidelines. Their goal is to make money at anybody’s expense. For your safety and the safety of your clients, Electrum encourages you to ONLY buy legitimate products from Authorized Distributors, or direct from manufacturers.