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Electrum™ DERMOR Protective Dermal Armor 

Electrum™ DERMOR Protective Dermal Armor is a soft, pliable, transparent bandage intended to protect your new tattoo. The breathable, waterproof bandage, when used properly, helps to prevent scabbing, fading, itching, and loss of color, and improves healing time dramatically.

Our hypoallergenic film is flexible and made to keep dirt and germs away from your expensive new body art. The product is non-irritating and eliminates the need for excessive washing and ointments. 

It comes in 6-in x 11-yd rolls8-in x 11-yd rolls, and 10-in x 11-yd rolls making it ideal for shop use or travel. Cut to your desired size and follow the simple application instructions. This roll will provide up to 100 applications, depending on the size of the tattoos being covered.

*NEW* 100 SHEET ARTIST PACKS!!! Super easy pre-cut 4" x 6" sheets make it super easy and fast to apply Dermor onto large scale pieces! We did the work for ya!

Allergy Warning: This product contains polyurethane-acrylic adhesive.

Do You Need to Wrap Your Tattoo?

Even if you already have ink, you may not know how to answer this question. That's because virtually every tattoo artist will give you different aftercare information, including whether they believe you need to wrap your tattoo in the days following your appointment and even how long you should continue wrapping it.

In general, it's a good practice to keep your tattoo covered from the moment you leave your appointment for at least a couple hours. Many artists will suggest leaving the covering on overnight to keep it from getting irritated by any movements you make during the night or from rubbing against clothing and other materials.

Plastic Film vs. Tattoo Aftercare Wraps

Most artists will wrap your tattoo in plastic wrap before you leave their shop. While plastic wrap is waterproof and protects your tattoo for a time, it is not the most breathable material and, therefore, not ideal for long-term healing. A newer invention in the tattoo industry that may change your wrapping time drastically is tattoo-specific wrapping that adheres tightly to the skin and prevents movement in the days following your tattoo appointment.

Electrum™ DERMOR Protective Dermal Armor provides you with all the following benefits:

  • Hypoallergenic - Latex Free 
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • 6-in x 11-yd , 8-in x 11-yd, 10-in x 11-yd Rolls, and NEW 100 pc 4" x 6" Sheet Artists Packs!

Most of these advantages are lost when using plastic wrap or even other low-end tattoo wraps. To ensure you or your client get the best tattoo aftercare possible, go with one of the most trusted names in tattoo supplies and invest in Electrum's tattoo aftercare bandages.

Choose DERMOR From Electrum Supply

For the cleanest post-tattooing wrap that your client will forget they're even wearing, go with Electrum™ DERMOR Protective Dermal Armor. Electrum Supply will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about this item or any of our other tattoo aftercare products, including bandages, wraps, washes and moisturizers. To reach us, simply fill out our contact page online or call us at 574-975-3632 today.


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17 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5

    Tori Robinson Nov 18th 2021

    This is the best protective bandage I’ve used yet!

    Better than saniderm! Love it!

  • 5

    Delta Ink Tattoo Parlor Nov 1st 2021


    This tattoo aftercare product is best on the market. It is great for people allergic to other aftercare products or have severe medical conditions that usually struggle with the healing process. Safely heals tattoos without worry (if used correctly). The adhesive is strong but does not leave the burn/red mark other adhesives do. Peel marks on this allow for easier application. Thin, flexible, and sturdy; almost like a new layer of skin.

  • 5

    Krista Oct 18th 2021

    Perfect product and company!

    I absolutely love Dermor! I first tried it out at a shop when getting my most recent tattoo and I fell in love. I won't be using anything else! And it came so nicely packaged! I was tickled with the extra goodies included! Could not be more happy!

  • 5

    Kristina Tafoya Sep 6th 2021

    Dermor wrap

    I’ve tried many different brands and this has by far been my favorite. Hands down! Especially in the super bendy places, it’s comfortable and moves well with the body. Easy to apply and remove. Love love love it!!!!

  • 5

    Nikki Counterman Sep 4th 2021

    Soooo good

    I had used Saniderm for years, and more and more was having clients coming back with bad allergic reactions/rashes/blisters. I was looking for an alternative, and I saw this advertised on Electrum’s FB page, and they said they’d had zero reactions reported. I was skeptical but gave it a chance, and it has been GREAT! For real, zero reactions and great healing on tattoos. I’m here buying another roll right now lol. Thank you

  • 5

    Russ Collins Aug 23rd 2021


    I’ve been a pretty big advocate for using saniderm for the last few years and I finally tried dermor and I feel like it edges out the competition. It seemed to be easier to apply to difficult areas than other brands and had a more skin texture to it which seemed to be more comfortable for clients who had work done in high movement areas

  • 5

    darren macer Aug 19th 2021

    Lawd, where has this been all my life!?

    Up until now I'd tried every brand of tattoo protective film. This is another level. And somehow invisible! I always try things in myself before clients and this managed to caress my tig ol' bitties so effortlessly, there's no air bubbles and it feels like I'm wearing nothin' at all! Nothin' at all! Nothin' at all!

  • 5

    Bryan Turner Aug 9th 2021

    Dermal armor

    This product is awesome! Hands down definitely purchasing again

  • 5

    Tyler Bush Aug 6th 2021


    10/10 will recommend to anyone using any second skin product. Spectrums Dermor is so much better than “the other stuff”. Super flexible, doesn’t hurt when removed, it’s just great product. I stand by it.