Electrum ECO STENCIL Printer Ink - 4oz.

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Now you can print highly precise stencils directly from a desktop printer using your photo reference, without the need to hand stencil your design.

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Electrum ECO STENCIL Stencil Printer Ink - 4oz.

Oops, we did it again! We've gone and made printed stencils even better by creating ink with an advanced formulation and a much better price point! 

Why spend your entire day tracing stencils by hand when you could be doing the real work of putting ink on someone's skin? Now, you can print highly precise stencils directly from a desktop printer using your photo reference without hand stenciling your design. Just print, transfer, and tattoo with a stencil that will last hours without fading or smearing!

NOTE — This product is for ONE 4 ounce bottle of Electrum ECO STENCIL ink. You will need TWO bottles to completely fill all four reservoirs on an Eco Tank printer. However, with only one bottle, you can print upward of 3,000 stencils, depending on stencil sizes and complexities.

Although you can use regular printer paper for your stencil, we recommend using ELECTRUM ECO STENCIL PAPER or PACON TRACING PAPER to print your stencils. This semi-transparent parchment prints beautifully and transfers ink to the skin in seconds, whereas printer paper might absorb more of the ink, giving you a duller, less-detailed transfer. BUY YOUR TRACING PAPER HERE.

How Does It Work?

Using our ECO STENCIL Printer Ink is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Buy the ink from us or one of our authorized distributors.
  2. Buy a NEW Eco Tank Printer. We now HIGHLY recommend the EPSON Sure Color F170 sublimation printer ($399) *NOTE This printer does NOT have airdrop capabilities.  You will need to print using the Epson iPrint app. Other tested printers include EPSON ET-M1170, EPSON ET-2550 or EPSON ET-2750. 
  3. Fill the tanks and start printing highly detailed stencils!

This methyl violet-based tattoo stencil ink functions exclusively with Epson Eco Tank Printers. The ready-made stencils it produces will last for an hour or even longer if used with other Electrum products, such as our Premium Tattoo Skin Prep and Stencil Repositioner or the Premium Tattoo Stencil Primer

PLEASE NOTE — Electrum Supply will not be liable if the ink does not work on your inkjet printer for any reason. All sales are final. There are no returns on this Stencil Printer Ink. Using third-party inks in your printer may void any warranty from the manufacturer.

Maintenance and Care

It is important to note that printers that sit idle for extended periods of time will have more potential issues with clogged ink heads. This is due to the ink drying in and around the nozzles, which results in compromised print quality. It is crucial to keep the heads of the printer cleaned. 

Avoid clogged ink nozzles

The clogging of inkjet printer nozzles, regardless of age, is a frequent issue. Clogging occurs as the ink dries and the nozzles get blocked. As a result, printing often is the best way to keep the nozzles wet.
It’s better to print a test page once a week than to leave your printer unattended for weeks or months. As a result, your printer’s ink stays cleaner longer. In addition, this easy step can help keep your printer’s ink nozzles clear for future prints.

We have added an inkjet cleaning kit to our line, which you can purchase HERE. To use, inject the cleaner into the clogged nozzles and let it sit for at least 20 minutes or longer until the cleaner removes the clog and your printer runs clean.

Why Electrum?

Electrum continues to SET the bar for tattoo stencil application products:

  • Faster and more precise stencils
  • Save hundreds of dollars vs. conventional stencil making methods

Our company was founded on our stencil products. Now, nearly a decade later, these products continue to be some of our bestsellers, and many artists consider us to be the best in the industry. With our many satisfied customers, you know what you're getting is the real deal.

Electrum Supply only uses high-quality materials to produce our products, and we strive to have some of the most competitive pricing in the business. For more information on this product, read the FAQ below and examine the safety data sheet carefully. If you have more questions or would like to learn about our other products, connect with us by submitting a contact form today.


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16 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5

    Rene Benitez Mar 22nd 2023


    Was slick worried about buying it bc of the price but by the looks of the package it’s gonna be great I’ve never received so much love in a package I’ll continue to buy my supplies from here long as the love keeps comin

  • 1

    Harry jackson Nov 19th 2022

    Zero luck and over $1,000

    Guess I should have read your website more closely cause there is a reason you don’t take any responsibility for your ink not working Everyone I know can’t get this ink to work so be bought 3 brand new eco tank Epson printers and nothing my last printer was the er-2800 You should really make a product that works first Your going to sell garbage and have disclaimers everywhere saying how you don’t guarantee anything and take zero responsibility People don’t be an idiot like me and hope for the best each time this is a scam

  • 5

    Gregory Cissell Mar 17th 2022

    ECO stencil ink

    Haven't had a chance to use it yet my printer died righ before my order was delivered waiting on a new one but I've seen really good reviews on it .

  • 5

    Dragan Mijajlovic Nov 9th 2021

    Best buy

    Everything perfect!

  • 5

    BARRETT STEMMLER Jul 14th 2021

    Good ink great price

    Works great with epson ecotank printer

  • 5

    Del Feb 8th 2021

    Eco Stencils

    I purchased the Eco Stencil ink for my epson ET-2720 and was surprised at how good it worked! I also purchased the Gold Standard stencil primer and that worked great too! I highly recommend these products that Electrum is offering!

  • 5

    Carlos Romero Dec 31st 2020

    Amazing product, great company!

    I'm amazed by this product, for a tattoo artist this is one of the biggest improvements in years. it will save you so much time and money. I really appreciate the little notes I got in the package, as a customer this speaks a lot about the company. Thanks Electrum!

  • 5

    Damien Dec 22nd 2020

    Eco stencil

    Works great and lasts.

  • 4

    Scott Brayshaw Oct 28th 2020

    Eco Stencils Inkjet Printer Ink

    I was a little leery of this as it's cheaper than other similarly priced items. I purchased it to put in a brand new Epson 2720 Inkjet printer. 4ox seems to fill all 4 tanks to just above the 'low' level warming. I dumped this ink into one of the bottles that came with the printer (I had to modify the cap a bit to fill all four tanks). That made it easy and mess free. After I primed the printer, NOTHING printed. Blank page after blank page. I did a POWER cleaning in the Printer Control Panel and that got it going. It really dropped the ink levels in the tank but I was able to get it to print on regular paper. But when I tried using the Electrum Prep and Transfer products to transfer that stencil to both real skin and fake skin, it was VERY light, to the point of unusable. I then printed on vellum paper and used the same products on fake skin and it worked great. Then I used it on some pig skin I picked up. Again, great transfer. Lasted through a full tattoo so well that I'm having a hard time getting the stencil off the pig skin, even with the skin prep and pure alcohol. I'm sure it'll wear out with was but the stencil definitely works. I'll be curious how the inks last. I'm really only using black I would think since I'm printing greyscale stencils so the ink the Cyan, Yellow and Magenta tanks might got to waste. I try to print a test page once a week just to keep the ink flowing out of ALL the heads. I'll probably have to get another 4oz soon just to keep everything above the 'low' mark on the tanks. Can't speak to longevity but I can say it works great. Fill your tanks, do a power cleaning to really load the machine and heads, be sure to print on vellum or tracing paper and tattoo away. I wiped the pig skin one over and over and over and it held up remarkably! Only didn't say 5 stars because of price and don't know long it'll play well with the printer.