Round Liner (Regular Tight) Cartridge Needles - Electrum Gold Standard

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When you need to purchase your next set of tattooing needles, get the best with the Electrum Gold Standard Needle Cartridge. Our Round Liner Regular Tights will up your lining game so well that you'll never want to go back to any other needle. Our cartridge needles are the same as our Electrum Traditions and are some of the best needles available today, and they are available in a wide variety of groupings and configurations.

We are one of the few needle cartridges that are fully licensed by MT Derm!  MT Derm is a leader in the market of tattooing supplies and cosmetic applications. They only certify brands and products with the highest quality rating. You can be sure anything that meets their approval measures is, in fact, the gold standard in the industry.

To keep the Standard set at nothing less than GOLD, 3's & 5's are now also available in cutback/half-open tips as well as full tips. When having groupings of smaller-sized configurations, for some artists a cutback tip causes problems with your ink flowand nobody likes inconsistent ink flow!

Why Electrum Gold Standard?

Gold Standard Needle Cartridges are top quality and a must for professional tattoo artists and permanent cosmetic professionals. Our series of Round Liner Regular Tights includes:

  • Membrane System to prevent ink backflow into grips and machines for safe tattooing
  • #12 Regular Tight Liners
  • .35mm Medium Taper
  • EO Gas Sterilized
  • 20 PCS PER BOX

We created these specifications with you, our dedicated artists, in mind. These needles are sure to make your tattooing process the easiest it's ever been. At Electrum, we know having the right tools for the job means better tool performance and more artist confidence. Get the smoothest lines, boldest colors and most detailed shading work from our Gold Standard needles. Pick up a set — or a few — to impress all your clients with your best work yet.

Shop Electrum Supply Today

To get the cleanest, smoothest lines in the game, there's only one choice. Electrum Gold Standard Needle Cartridges have been a trusted tool of tattoo artists worldwide for nearly a decade. Some even refuse to work with any other brand. To understand why, check out the entire line of needles and cartridges available on our website and get to work creating those bold, beautiful lines that will keep your clients coming back to you for years to come.

For more information on this needle set or any of our tattooing supplies, reach out to us online or connect with us over the phone by calling 574-975-3632 now. Our team is excited to work with you!


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15 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5

    Chris Salvucci Aug 30th 2021

    5rl gold standard

    Very well made cartridges smooth no wobble consistent my go to company now

  • 5

    Derek Cowgur Jun 20th 2021


    I absolutely love these cartridges! I have never had a problem with them and go through several boxes a month. I am slowly phasing everything else out as these are my go to needles now. The people here are some of the coolest as well you can't go wrong here!

  • 5

    Chris Gama Jul 29th 2020

    Cartridge needles

    No blow back and works like a charm!

  • 5

    Shay Derouen Jun 17th 2020

    Thanks for making reliable needles. Very clean lines

    All the needle groups I've tried have been solid

  • 5

    Greg Carrillo Nov 4th 2019

    Line work

    Loves these. Never have any complaints or bent needles. Only cartridges I’ll use.

  • 5

    Cory Brown Feb 12th 2019

    Nice liner

    My go to liner when I need a nice crispy line. Switched over a while ago and won't go back.

  • 5

    Danny Trueblood Feb 4th 2019


    I've been through way to many cartridges looking for a liner that I liked. All I've ever find is ones that wiggle too much so you can't pull a clean line or they won't pull ink. Most recently I found vertix liners you had to tattoo with your needles barely riding out the end of the tube for them to pull ink. These gold standard cartridges are AWESOME. Got the 5RL. They tattoo lines just as crisp and solid as my black claw needles. Completely switched all my cartridges to gold standard.

  • 5

    Dan Trueblood Jan 29th 2019

    Outstanding quality

    It's seriously like combining a cheyenne cart and a vertix cart and getting the best of both. I hate to say anything has been done to perfection but these are really superb. And half the price of cheyenne carts. The 7 tight has been one of my go to liners for years. Rob has these dialed in. They are so good.

  • 5

    Damen Biersack Jan 1st 2019

    Gold Standard Needles

    Best product on the market without a ridiculous price tag! Thank you Rob!