Round Shader Cartridge Needles - Electrum Gold Standard

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Electrum Gold Standard Needle Cartridges - Round Shader

Gold Standard Needle Cartridges are top quality and a must for professional tattoo artists and permanent cosmetic professionals.

Our cartridge needles are the same as our Electrum Traditions and are some of the best needles available today and are available in a wide variety of groupings and configurations.

We are one of the few needle cartridges that is fully licensed by MT Derm!

To keep the Standard set at nothing less than GOLD 3's , 4's , & 5's are not available in half tip / cut back tip.

When having groupings of smaller sized configurations a cut back tip causes problems with your ink flow and nobody likes inconsistent ink flow

  • Membrane Sytem prevents ink back flow into grips and machines for safe tattooing
  • #12 Round Shaders
  • .35mm Medium Taper
  • EO Gas Sterilized
  • 20 PCS PER BOX



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7 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5

    Arron Declue Jun 12th 2021

    Electrum needles

    I love going to this place and picking up art supplies. I loved it even more when they was opened was like heaven to a artist.

  • 5

    Dakota Meyer Mar 16th 2020

    The best needles on the market

    Electrum gold standard needles are the pinnacle of needle cartridges., leaving smooth crisp lines, and making it effortless to layer in colorm if you've not given them a shot, what are you waiting for? Theres nothing to lose and everything to gain!

  • 4

    Toby Benson Mar 2nd 2020

    I love electrum needles,just wish they were marked .

    This is the BEST supply company I have ever used. Nobody cares about artists like Electrum Supply.

  • 5

    Rob Johnston Oct 24th 2019

    Gold standard round shaders

    Love the 11rds I got this week

  • 5

    Danny Trueblood Feb 4th 2019

    Can't beat them

    A 9RS is one of my go to needles. These are fantastic. Solid color packing or smooth shading. They'll do both.

  • 5

    Danny Trueblood Jan 29th 2019

    Outstanding quality

    I love the long tips of these cartridges especially for a long stroke machine. The 9RS has been a go to configuration for me for years. Ink flows smooth. Superb quality.

  • 5

    Hal Sawyer Jun 26th 2018

    Gold Standard needle cartridges.

    By far a superior cartridge than others, smooth,light, perfect solder, a perfect balance of performance and design. Absolutely LOVE THEM!