Electrum NUMB Anesthetic Gel - 1 oz.

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Electrum NUMB Anesthetic Gel is a 1oz gel anesthetic that quickly relives pain during sensitive procedures. It is a powerful anesthetic that is SAFE FOR USE IN ALL TYPES OF BROKEN SKIN PROCEDURES. It is NOT a pre-procedure deadener and ineffective when applied to intact skin. However, it is incredibly powerful when used after outlining a tattoo, after the initial pass on a permanent makeup procedure, and during or following electrolysis or other painful procedures to desensitize the area for completion of work.


  • Temporarily relieves pain, itching, and swelling
  • Use for Eyeliner, Lips, Eyebrows, Tattoos, Piercings, Laser Dermabrasion, Electrology
  • Will not affect color or healing process
  • No odor or perfumed additives
  • Effective within 90 seconds
  • Available in a 1 oz. jar


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    Jeremiah Melkus Jul 2nd 2022

    Best anesthetic in the industry! <3

    I've tried out many different brands of numbing creams and sprays but Electrum's Numb by far surpasses the rest. Being able to reapply it (if needed) throughout the tattoo process is a big perk. My clients absolutely love it and feel more comfortable with those tender spots under the needle and it allows me to spend a little more time on details and do more in a session with my canvas. Even after a few applications on a 3 hour session, it doesn't make the skin spongy and difficult to work with like many others I've tried. And it smells great! If you're looking for an anesthetic for your client that you'll both love, you found it.