Empire Ink - Ivory Black

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Ivory Black: Our darkest black.

Ivory Black is Empire's darkest black. Expect a clean and even darker representation of our classic black formula ideal for packing black with excellent saturation. Ivory Black's smooth consistent blend maintains a medium viscosity and contrasts well with warm skin tones.

"The most jet-black we offer, this is my go-to black for the areas that completely lack exposure to light. This cooler shade of black contrasts well against warm skin tones. It is a great black for large solid saturation". -Colt Brown 


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    James A Scott Sep 20th 2019

    One of the better inks Ive tried

    Ive been comparing this to Eternals MAX Black daily for a couple months now. Max wins but barely and not because of quality. Both about the same as I cant tell the difference. Only Eternal is half the price and has a better bottle design. (I like Empires bottle design better as far as looks and functionality when it works. But it clogs all the time, many times during the tattoo, even after I cleaned it all out. Still a very close tie and I may even change my review in the future as I will still keep using both.