Hive Caps

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  • 2 DIFFERENT SIZES ON EACH CAP! (one side small, flip it over and the other is large! universal caps for any amount of ink!)
  • SNAP TOGETHER (Just snap together and go)
  • STACK-ABLE (Prevent inks from drying)
  • MEASURING LINES (For reliable mixes)
  • EASY FAST SET UP (Just set down and go)
  • STABLE (No ointment necessary)

Sold in bags of 200 caps (50 pieces)
Hive Caps measurements 2.4"L x 1.38"W x .75"H


Hive Caps™ are an innovative new ink cap for tattooing.  This intuitive new design allows for a faster and simpler set up, allowing artists to grabset down and go.  Hive Caps™ are designed to easily snap together to expand the tattoo artists color palette. This important feature allows for countless configurations giving artists the ability to easily create a personalized customization of their set up.  

Hive Caps™ are also reversible, flip them upside down and you'll find a smaller sized ink cap, large and small size’s snap together effortlessly.  Another benefit is the ability to stack, which prevents inks from drying out during longer sessions and minimizes chances for contamination, which is perfect for convention settings.  Lastly, an easy 3 level line on the larger cap has been incorporated into the design to help assure reliable mixes from session to session. 

Hive Caps™ are designed to not only improve the ease and efficiency of tattoo artist set up, but also to break away quickly for easy disposal. From the hive shaped openings to the angled run off walls with openings for ink overflow. Every aspect of design has been considered with tattoo artists comfort and enjoyment in mind.



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5 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5

    b8 May 25th 2021

    fav ink holder by far

    work great

  • 4

    Francisco Rocha Jul 1st 2020

    Very Neat and Orderly

    Wish I knew I could’ve known they were 4 caps to a single unit, not the most adequate description, nevertheless they’re the best caps I’ve used.

  • 5

    Daniel r bedard Jun 18th 2020

    Hive caps


  • 4

    Dan Trueblood Mar 6th 2019

    Would prefer individual hive caps

    Perfect for graywash set ups as 4 caps are connected as one piece. I'd like them even more if they were individual and you could lock however many you wanted or just use one or two if that's all you needed. For something like a simple black script they're very wasteful since I only need one ink cap.

  • 5

    Paul Pare Jun 3rd 2018

    Works great.

    Works great and is easy to put together and take apart.