How to Use Electrum Stencil Products





Electrum Pro Team artist Liz Venom uses Electrum to apply her stencils. Here is her technique:

1) Always prep the skin with Electrum Premium Tattoo Skin Prep and Stencil Repositioner to remove all surface oils and ensure better adhesion of the tattoo stencil 

2) Apply Electrum. It is important to work the product into the skin until it feels tacky on the skin and no longer has a "wet" appearance. If you use too much, simply lay a dry towel over the surface to absorb excess prior to laying your stencil 

3) Once the skin is tacky, you can lay the stencil. Thermal transfer papers work best. Electrum Gold Standard is great for all types of papers.

4) Electrum can also be used with all types of markers and skin pens. Simply let the product dry on the skin for 7-10 minutes, then draw right on top of it. Electrum will hold your markers extremely well without the need of additional sprays or products designed to lock the drawing onto the skin.

5) Always allow your stencil to dry on the skin for a minimum of 10 minutes prior to tattooing. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Use your thumb to test a small portion of the stencil towards the bottom.  If you get any smearing, allow to dry a bit longer.  When you no longer get smearing, your stencil is locked tight.

6) Work from bottom to top. Avoid excess wiping with products that contain alcohol, like green soap.


Watch her entire Electrum application process HERE



ELECTRUM Premium Tattoo Stencil Primer is the industry's leading stencil application product. A claim that's backed by consistent positive customer feedback and growing brand loyalty. ELECTRUM was developed by tattoo artists for tattoo artists, and is manufactured by tattoo artists, not laboratories.

ELECTRUM works with skin markers too! Say goodbye to needing a lotion AND a spray for your stencils! ELECTRUM does it all in one! If you're a sharpie artist, just apply ELECTRUM like you would to apply a carbon stencil, let it dry on the skin for 10 minutes and draw right on top of it... BAM, it's STUCK and you're not going to have to worry about losing that artwork! ELECTRUM is GREEN GOLD!!!!

  • Years of solid industry feedback 100% trusted!
  • Developed by veteran tattoo artists.
  • A little goes a long way, a dime sized amount can cover an entire forearm!
  • Mere pennies per application!
  • All inclusive, works with both carbon stencils and sharpie art.
  • WORKS WITH ALL SPIRIT PAPERS - Purple, Green, and Red! 
  • Keeps your stencil LOCKED onto the skin! 
  • You and your clients will LOVE the smell!
  • Completely Vegan and Non-Toxic.
  • Skin friendly.
  • Deodorant free!
  • Made in the USA
  • EU Certified and compliant