Kwadron Equaliser Proton Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine

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Equaliser™ Proton by Kwadron – Pen Style Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Equaliser™ Proton is a sleek rotary pen tattoo machine from Kwadron, a company recognized for having some of the best tattoo needles in the industry and the only company to produce tattoo equipment in Poland.

This machine features a powerful 5W motor and an advanced gear system that guarantees reliable, quiet operation without any vibration. The Proton is incredibly lightweight at 130g with a high-quality anodized aluminum frame. It is also extremely versatile, with an adjustable needle depth from 0 to 4.5mm and 3.5mm stroke.

The Equaliser™ Proton is compatible with all cartridge needles.

Why Use Rotary Machines?

If you're looking into buying a new tattooing machine, you may have noticed there are two main types of machines — coil and rotary. Which one should you go with? The answer primarily depends on what art style you work with and what you need from your new machine.

If you associate a buzzing sound with tattooing, you've likely come into contact with a coil machine. An electromagnetic current powers the needles in this machine, producing a strong, hammer-like movement. While coil machines are great for shading, some artists consider their movements to be too choppy and uneven to get the desired smooth lines.

Rotary tattoo machines are quieter and more versatile than coil models. The tattoo machine uses a small motor to power the needles. It is more low maintenance and provides the artist with a smoother, more fluid needle movement. Unlike coils, rotary machines can produce both shading and line work, making them a great all-around choice for beginner artists who aren't ready to invest in multiple machines.

Even experienced professionals will agree there's a lot to love about a rotary machine, especially a high-quality, lightweight, portable pen-style as produced by Kwadron. The Equaliser™ Proton will provide you with everything you need to start your tattooing without breaking the bank.


  • High quality anodized aluminum housing
  • 5W motor
  • Machine Length: 11.8cm
  • Machine Diameter: 25mm
  • Weight: 130g
  • Stroke: 3.5mm
  • 0 – 4.5mm adjustable needle depth
  • Compatible with all cartridge needles
  • RCA connection
  • Made in Poland by Kwadron
  • Available in Black, Red, Silver, Army Green, and Mocha

Buy Rotary Tattoo Machines With Electrum Supply

Electrum Supply has been one of the top suppliers of tattooing tools for a decade. We provide our artists with only the highest-quality products that will give them and their clients the best outcomes. To learn more about the Equaliser™ Proton by Kwadron, contact us online or call 574-975-3632 today. Our dedicated team will answer any questions you may have. You can also explore Electrum's entire supply of professional tattoo machines for sale.


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9 Reviews Write a Review

  • 3

    Paul Q. Jones Jan 11th 2020

    Kwadron proton

    The pen seems to be of good quality however I personally am not a fan of it. It seems to have to be run at Damn near full tilt to get results with it. I have a Cheyenne machine so maybe that spoiled me I don't know. I just thought I'd leave my opinion so that others could make an educated purchase before shelling out their money

  • 5

    Matthew Jackson Apr 23rd 2019


    Great machine at a great cost! Everyday runner for lining and shading!

  • 4

    scott strampel Aug 20th 2018


    I have only had this machine one week. This has turned into my favorite machine, super versatile.

  • 4

    joseph mojica May 18th 2018

    great machine but not the Color I ordered .

    The hen I ordered is great a couple of my artist buddies use this and gave me a good review on this so I decided to jump out the window and order it ... I'm extremely happy I did but like my head line said the color that was sent to me was wrong but it still is great

  • 5

    Unknown <span>Mar 1st 2018</span>

    great for soft black and grey. an smooth color blending

    Would recommend this machine to anyone looking to try a pen out

  • 4

    chad taylor Nov 7th 2017

    great for b&g and blending!

    I have recently purchased this pen after trying several different rotary machines and this one is by far my favorite, it feels very ergonomic in the hand and has given me a bit more of an intuitive experience of tattooing, I do several styles of tattooing , this machine I feel is very suited for black and grey , and color blending ( which I do a lot of!). The fit and finish is also top notch! One small gripe you will need to clean the machine with madacide, alcohol or the like because it may be covered in a light greasy film. Otherwise a very good value and experience in tattooing!

  • 4

    ryan reynolds Aug 25th 2017

    pens pens pens

    Great for black and grey. Soft hitter.

  • 5

    Luke Morgan Jun 8th 2017

    Perfect for tight spots.

    This machine works well, as a rotary should. It's well designed and here's the kicker. When you're in a tight spot like a neck, the pen style of it helps out a lot. No more smacking the back of the machine on chins and shoulders. It doesn't have a back to smack, because that would be whack. You may even have time now, between Tattoos to have a snack. I use it mostly when I'm in a tight spot like that, or when I just feel like using it. It is consistent and efficient. Keep in mind to always wrap the pen with barrier control.

  • 5

    monnet_tattoo Mar 10th 2017

    solid machine

    I do a few different styles often at my shop. Small walk ins occasionally, black and grey, and then my usual newscool ish illustrative style. Bold lines bright solid color. This machine has been a breeze thru all of this. New school styles can be hard on a machine. Single pass bold lines with large needle groupings are no problem. The machine is sleek and easy to wrap with barrier film . I'm super happy with it and would recommend it to any artist out there looking to try a pen style machine!!!