Tattoo Anesthetic Cream

Tattoo anesthetic creams, soaps and sprays help numb and sanitize the skin. They're the best way to effectively sterilize an area and relieve pain before, during and after a tattoo session. If you're wondering where you can buy Vasocaine numbing spray or other anesthetics, Electrum Supply has the top products and brands you're looking for. We have a range of professional tattoo products to promote hygiene and improve the comfort of your customers.

Tattoo Anesthetic and Numbing Products

There are several types of tattoo anesthetics and numbing options to consider as a professional tattoo artist. For customers with low pain tolerance, you can use numbing products with lidocaine to deaden or block the nerve endings in the skin and reduce pain. Many soaps and sprays are also antiseptics that allow you to quickly and effectively sterilize an area or disinfect new ink. Check out our selection of tattoo care options to find the best products for your clients.

Creams and Gels

Tattoo anesthetic creams and gels are popular choices for reducing pain and irritation during tattoo and permanent makeup procedures. These products help improve the comfort of your customers. All you need to do is apply the directed amount of cream or gel to the relevant area and follow the instructions before starting a session. Our popular options include:


Numbing sprays provide an easy way to prepare and disinfect almost any part of the body before tattooing. At Electrum Supply, we carry multiple antiseptic and anesthetic sprays that can help protect against infection and relieve pain on contact, including:

These products act quickly once applied to broken skin to reduce redness, irritation, swelling and itching. Soothing and disinfecting sprays promote faster healing and won't affect the color or design of a tattoo.


Tattoo numbing soaps and aftercare supplies allow artists and clients to clean an area before and after new ink. Work the soap into a lather and cover the skin to sanitize and relieve discomfort. Tattoo soaps are soothing and encourage proper healing, which helps keep every design crisp and ensure colors remain fresh and vibrant. Electrum's selection of soaps and foams includes:

Why Choose Numbing Options From Electrum Supply?

Electrum Supply is your source for effective and high-quality anesthetic creams, soaps and numbing sprays for professional tattoo artists. We offer premium products at lower prices so you can get the supplies and equipment you need.

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Every artist needs anesthetic and sanitizing products to keep their studio clean, safe and comfortable. Check out our selection of products and make a purchase.