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The clamp Arm is one of the most versatile accessories to attach your MUSOTOKU Power Supply to almost anything. The free-range movement allows the arm to placed in numerous positions for easy access to your MUSOTOKU power unit. The clamp opens up to 55 mm so it can be attached to most tubes and flat surfaces. 

  • Metal Alloy
  • 11" Long
  • Clamp opening 55mm
  • 3 free range operational moves



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    Doug Hardy Jun 10th 2021

    MusoToku clamp arm

    I bought this on a lark thinking maybe I'd try it out, but I found that it really makes a big difference having the MusoToku power supply on this arm instead of simply laying on my workspace. Gets it out of the way, makes it easy to put the power supply facing where it is most convenient for me to reach, and keeps it out of potential spill accidents. Highly recommended.