Musotoku Tattoo Power Supply Black

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About Musotoku Tattoo Power Supply — Black

The Musotoku power supply will keep your rotary or coil machines running smoothly all day long. The high output (5A) will give you a clean and stable current, so your tattoo machines will run without any fluctuations and they will stay cool even if you run them for long periods. The voltage can be adjusted from 2 to 16 volt in 0.1V steps, letting you control the hit of your machine with precision. If you need a bit of extra power to start your machine up, you can turn on the Nitro function. This will give you an extra boost for the first 0.5 seconds, so you can start even the heaviest motors or machines running on a low voltage. The Musotoku also has no less than three overcurrent protection systems, so it will cut out if there is a problem with either your machine or your cables. This will protect your coil or rotary machines and extend their lifetime.

The Musotoku is easy to operate: changing the voltage, or storing and accessing your preferred settings can all be done with a single button. It also offers three different modes: you can either keep your pedal down to keep your machine running, use the pedal with the ON/OFF mode or go without using a pedal at all with the maintained mode that lets you turn your machine on or off on the power supply. The Musotoku has a special electronic sensor which filters out any micro-interruptions, so your machine will keep running smoothly even if the contacts on your foot switch are a bit rusty or dirty.

The Musotoku is made out of aircraft-grade aluminium and weighs only 169 gram. It measures just 11.6mm by 7.2mm and comes with a protective travel case, so it is perfect for conventions and small work areas. The rubber band at the top of the power supply keeps the power lead out of the way. It can be mounted on the Musotoku arm clamp, the Musotoku magnetic stand, GoPro attachments or tripods with a 1/4" screw.

Key Features:

  • Color: Black
  • Output current: 5A
  • Output Voltage: 2 - 16V
  • Digitally adjustable in 0.1V steps
  • High contrast OLED display
  • NITRO startup boost
  • Memory for up to 4 presets
  • 3 Modes: standard, one click and maintained
  • 3 Types of overcurrent protection
  • Pedal push detection
  • Weight: 169 grams
  • Dimensions: 116x72 mm
  • Material: Aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Timer
  • Arm Clamp and Magnetic Clamp sold separately

Utilize Musotoku Disposable Covers for optimal protection against cross-contamination.


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3 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5

    Michael Miles Oct 21st 2021

    Worth the price and a must have.

    Very powerful power supply used Bronc TPN-037 and Critical GX2 this out shines them both. Spend the money you will not be disappointed this is the most powerful power supply to date.

  • 5

    Doug Hardy Jun 10th 2021

    MusoToku Power Supply

    GREAT little power supply! For a small package, it has it all- 4 presets, ability to have continuous on power for those of us who no longer use foot switches (but you can still use one if you like!), a built in timer, and most importantly: AMPERAGE! When I started tattooing I ran off of deep cycle marine batteries and a rheostat for smooth, high-amperage, fluctuation free power. I've used many different power supplies since then and hands down the Muso Toku power supply is the closest to that old deep cycle battery experience I've ever had, but with more modern features. I cannot recommend this unit enough!

  • 5

    Jason Jun 14th 2020

    Musotoku Power Supply

    This power supply has the most consistent output of voltage with no spotter whatsoever I’ve ran critical I’ve ran icon and hands down the most consistent