New & Improved Blue Gel Topical Anesthetic - 1oz Bottle

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Dermal Source Numbing Pain Relief – 1oz Blue Gel Anesthetic


The Original “Blue Gel” Anesthetic is designed for use during any broken skin procedure in areas where swelling, bruising, or bleeding poses a problem and discomfort, such as the lips or inner arms. These areas on the body are highly sensitive and, due to the thinness of the epidermis, prone to easy breakage.

When tattooing places like these, breaking the skin may cause too much pain for some clients to continue with their procedure. This can lead to postponement of the rest of the process and overall more time and money wasted by both the tattoo artist and client.

Dermal Source Numbing Pain Relief combats this issue by providing a short-term numbing agent for broken skin.  It contains a combination of two active ingredients, Lidocaine and Tetracaine, which work together with Epinephrine, a vascular constrictor, for fast onset and reduced pain for up to two hours. This new and improved formula includes a higher concentration of Lidocaine and less Tetracaine and Epinephrine for better numbing and vasoconstriction.

Using the Anesthetic

To use the Blue Gel Topical Anesthetic for numbing pain relief:

  • Apply sparingly to the affected area with broken skin. Cover with an occlusive dressing.
  • Wait 2-5 minutes for the anesthetic effect to work.
  • Before continuing with your tattooing procedure, remove the product from the skin.

Please note that the Blue Gel Anesthetic has no effect on unbroken skin. It will keep skin numb for up to 2 hours and should only be applied once during tattoo, permanent makeup, piercing, or other pain-sensitive procedures. Reapplication of the product will cause harm to the tissue. Use with Super Juice 3 or Vasocaine to keep skin numb if more anesthetic effect is needed during the procedure. Please refer to the Blue Gel handout or explore the material safety data sheet for more product information.


  • Size: 1oz
  • Active Ingredients: Lidocaine HCI 5%, Tetracaine HCI 1%, Epinephrine 0.1% (Old formula was Lidocaine HCI 4%, Tetracaine HCI 2%, Epinephrine 0.2%)
  • For use during pain sensitive procedures
  • Reduces swelling, bruising, and bleeding; fast-acting pain relief
  • Keeps skin numb and constricted for up to 2 hours
  • For external use only on broken skin
  • Price per one 1oz bottle
  • NDC Code: 80069-008-01

Get Blue Gel Anesthetic at Electrum Supply

This numbing pain relief product from Dermal Source supplies both tattoo clients and artists with a smoother, less painful and hopefully shorter overall tattooing process.  As one of the most respected names in tattooing supplies for nearly a decade, we are always happy to help artists grow through the quality of their tools. To explore more anesthetic numbing options, check out Electrum's Anesthetics & Ointments page.

If you have questions about any of our products, please feel free to connect with us online or call us at 574-975-3632. Start using the best tools for your art at some of the most competitive prices you'll find.


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5 Reviews Write a Review

  • 5

    Peaches Sep 15th 2020

    Amazing product!

    Love this product sold out completely in the U.K. so I love this site and brand thank you again

  • 5

    Lindsay Sep 15th 2020

    The best product!

    Blue gel is the best!! Use it on all my clients to make them comfortable! Never had any issues! Electrum Supply is wonderful! Super fast shipping, super sweet people, they even included hand written, fun notes on the invoice and box! :) I will definitely be ordering more from them!

  • 5

    Diana Wills May 25th 2020

    Glad I found this company

    Haven’t been able to find blue gel very easily lately and so was very happy I found your site. And then...was extremely happy with the promptness of shipment and my absolute favorite part of the whole experience was the hand written message on the side of the shopping box. Love the extra care and love!! Keep it up. Loyal new customer here.

  • 5

    Kim Balistreri May 7th 2020

    Blue Gel

    Best 2nd second step numbing I’ve used for Microblading. Electrum Supply was super fast shipping and great customer service.

  • 4

    James Scott Apr 18th 2019

    One of the better numbing products

    This stuff only works once the skin is open. But it spreads beyond the opening. So if you put it on after outlining. iit will spread through those lines and make everything numb. Tricks: Make sure you use soap and clean off all your glide or Vaseline. Rinse and dry the area. Then apply. Then put plastic film on top for a good 10 minutes. then only peal your plastic film away where you are tattooing. As long as this stuff stays wet. its working. Will otherwise fade in about 30 to 60 minutes.