Piercing Needles for Sale

Piercing needles are some of the most important tools for professional piercers and body modification artists. Your equipment and supplies play a significant role in the quality of your work and how customers feel about your studio. With Electrum Supply, you can get premium piercing needles and other products to impress your clients and deliver the best results. Check out our stock of piercing equipment and find what you need to create a safe and positive experience for your clients.

Precision Body Piercing Needles

As a body modification artist, you have many different instruments and accessories in your professional toolkit. Electrum Supply carries a range of items from top brands to serve your piercing needs, from needles and long-lasting tools to additional supplies like disposable wipes and aftercare products.


Electrum is proud to offer a wide range of Precision Piercing Needles for professional artists. These sharp, stainless steel needles are two inches long and among the best piercing needles on the market. You can choose between straight or curved needles and select different gauges for piercings varying in size from 8 g to 20 g. Piercing needles from Precision come in boxes of 50 or 100. Each needle is individually packaged and pre-sterilized for the safety of both artists and customers.

Piercing Tools

Our wide selection of piercing products doesn't end with needles. We also have other piercing tools and equipment for your studio. Electrum offers several types of pliers, forceps and hemostats made of stainless steel. You can use these tools to hold piercing needles and handle small gauge jewelry during body modification procedures. Our top styles include Pennington, Foerster and Mosquito forceps. You can buy these tools in bulk to get larger quantities for less.

Electrum also sells wheel gauges and Miltex Biopsy Sterilized Dermal Punches, disposable dermal punches for piercing.

Additional Piercing Supplies

In addition to needles and pliers, our inventory includes several products that play useful roles in any piercing session. Many professional artists use Gentian Violet to mark the skin before piercing, for example. We also offer towelettes and dental bibs to keep your workspace clean, absorb excess ink or blood and kept both clients and artists safe.

Remember to promote healthy aftercare for piercing customers. Antiseptic soap can help protect against infections, and Recovery Aftercare Sea Salt is great for soothing and cleaning new piercings.

The Best Piercing Tools From Electrum Supply

Electrum is an artist-founded company with almost 10 years of experience in the tattoo and piercing industry. We're serious about getting professional artists the best tools. Our inventory includes tattoo and piercing equipment and supplies that live up to our high quality and manufacturing standards. Whatever your studio needs, Electrum Supply has the body piercing needles and other tools you're looking for.

Our quality products and customer service are unrivaled. Competitive pricing and bulk-buying options ensure that you'll get the best deal on every order.

Order Body Piercing Supplies Today

If you're in search of the right tools for body piercings or tattoos, Electrum Supply is your source for safe and effective equipment and supplies. Contact us to learn more about our body piercing needles for sale or place an order today.