Permanent Makeup Supplies

Every good tattoo artist needs a solid set of permanent makeup (PMU) supplies. Today, PMU applications are becoming more common as people choose to get permanent lipstick and eyebrows. Other forms of PMU gaining popularity include permanent eyeliner and scar cover-ups.

At Electrum Supply, we offer a vast selection of tools covering everything you'll need along your PMU journey, from needles and ink to masks and gloves. Learn more about our available options for PMU supplies.

Sprays and Disinfectants

Electrum Supply wants to ensure the safest, most enjoyable use of our products, which is why we offer various safety treatments for before, during and after tattooing:

  • Antiseptics and soaps will help create a clean environment and the most sanitary tattooing process.
  • Numbing creams, gels and sprays will keep a client from feeling too much pain and reduce redness or swelling.
  • Food-grade lubricants work to keep the ink in your machines flowing smoothly and prevent any ink skipping for the most even application.
  • You can sell aftercare treatments to clients at the end of their appointment to keep their new look fresh and free from infection.

The use of these products will help both the tattoo artist and client have the most satisfactory outcome.

Perma Blend Inks

Explore our full range of vegan cosmetic inks from Perma Blend. With hundreds of pigments to choose from, there is a perfect shade for everyone's lips, eyebrows and eye line. We also offer pigments for scars, areolas and scalps.

Cosmetic ink is similar to standard tattoo ink, but it's specially formulated to fade after some time. You can expect our Perma Blend inks to last anywhere from 1.5 to 3 years after application.

PMU Equipment

We also supply all the equipment you'll need to get the best PMU outcome. Our Electrum Gold Standard Needle Cartridges and Premium PMU Needle Cartridges come in liners and shaders for applications large or small. These needles are the pinnacle of cartridges as one of the only brands fully licensed by MT Derm, the world leader and pioneer in membrane cartridge technology.

Safety is one of our top concerns, so we offer disposable personal protective equipment products, as well. Our selection of masks, gloves, disposable arm sleeves and dental barrier film will provide you with everything you need.

Choose Electrum for Your PMU Supplies

For PMU supplies near you, trust that Electrum Supply's products are legitimate and of the highest quality. Browse our selection to see our full range of products, including soap dispensers and tattoo cover-up sets. For more information on any of our products, you can contact us online to learn more!