Glass Receiving Tubes For Piercing

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One Velvet Zipper Pouch of 5 75mm Pyrex Glass Receiving Tubes for Body Piercing Needles

Perform piercing procedures safely with these Pyrex Glass Receiving Tubes. These receiving tubes measure 3” in length and have a 45º degree angle on one end; they are a flat 90º on the other end. Please refer to the size chart below for information about the inner diameter for every size included in your pouch of 5 tubes.

This listing is for one set of 5 Pyrex Glass Receiving Tubes, including one 6g, one 4g, one 2g, one 1g, and one 0g tube. These 5 tubes come in a velvet zipper pouch. 

  • Material: Pyrex Glass
  • Length: 3” (~75m)
  • Refer to chart below for sizes included
  • 45 degree and 90 degree angled ends
  • Price per one pouch of 5 receiving tubes
Size Reference Chart:
Gauge Inner Diameter
6g (~4mm) 2.4mm (~10g)
4g (~5mm) 2.8mm (~10g)
2g (~6mm) 3.6mm (~8g)
1g (~7mm) 4.7mm (~6g)
0g (~8mm) 5.8mm (~4g)


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