Spirit Classic Original Thermal Image Copier Paper - One 8-1/2" x 100ft Roll

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One 8.5” x 100’ Roll of Classic Spirit™ Tattoo Transfer Paper

Made with the same excellent quality formula, ReproFX Spirit™ Classic Thermal Paper is now available in a 100ft roll with efficiency in mind. Tattoo artists can now cut the exact size needed for their transfer, whether it’s small or large. This will maximize the artists’ time, cut down on costs, and eliminate waste. The Classic Thermal Roll consistently yields high-quality transfers like the Classic Transfer Sheets and is compatible with all thermal printers. Use with ReproFX Spirit™ Transfer Cream for best results. One box contains one 8.5” x 100” roll.

Please Note:  An Extra-Long 28" ReproFX Carrier should always be used with the Spirit™ Classic Thermal Roll. For A3/A4/Panenka machines, please use with the 28" Clear Carrier. For 3M machines, please use with the 28" Blue Carrier.


  • Sheet Size:  8.5” x 100’
  • Compatible with all thermal printers
  • Skin safe and shelf stable
  • Consistent, high-quality transfers
  • Use with ReproFX Spirit Transfer Cream
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Price per one 8.5” x 100ft roll

Compatible Thermal Carriers:

28" Spirit Extra Long Blue Carrier (3M machines)
28" Spirit Extra Long Clear Carrier (A3/A4 machines)

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