Steve Butcher's Mamba Glide Tattoo Glide Aftercare - Mamba Mini - 1/2oz - BUY 25 OR MORE FOR CASE PRICING

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These Mamba Mini's are PERFECT for client aftercare.  
Steve Butcher’s Mamba Glide contains a proprietary blend of the best ratio of omega -3,-6,-7,-9. This multi-omega blend not only provides multiple health benefits for the body but the omega -7 and -9 also help to stabilize the other omegas, resulting in a more potent and long-lasting effect of the overall omegas. With the addition of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and flavonoids, sea buckthorn is one of the most nutritionally potent and complete omega fatty acid sources available.
Infused with Sour Diesel Terpenes! Terpenes, like cannabinoids, have their own effects on the body. In fact, they are thought to have an impact on the endocannabinoid system (ECS), just like cannabinoids. In case you are unaware, the endocannabinoid system is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in the body; it controls all manner of functions from sleep and appetite to mood and immune system response.

In addition to tattooing and PMU use, Mamba Glide is also great for the following:

  • Use to moisturize hands, feet, elbows, heels and cuticles 
  • Great for after-laser procedures to nurture the skin and promote faster recovery
  • Great to soothe diaper rash or sensitive nipples from breastfeeding
  • Great for restoring moisture to dogs and cats elbows, noses, and paw pads. 

1/2 ounce tub



Product SDS Available HERE


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3 Reviews Write a Review

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    Danny Trueblood Oct 10th 2022

    The best aftercare

    I'm a certified wound care registered nurse as well as a tattoo artist. So aftercare is a huge priority for me. In my experience many clients will go out and buy whatever they can find the cheapest if they get anything at all for their aftercare. So I buy these lil tubs in bulk and just give one with each tattoo that I do. I want my tattoos to heal the best that they can and as quickly as they can without needing to go buy anything for their new tattoo. I set them up for success as soon as I'm finished. Mamba glide has been my go to glide and aftercare ointment for the last 2 years. I don't waste my time or money on anything else.

  • 5

    Angela May 5th 2021

    Smooth glide

    I’ve been enjoying this product for use in my permanent makeup sessions. I’d love to see it in even smaller packets for pmu. Our aftercare instructions call for very little ointment use so a small packet would be awesome.

  • 5

    Jean Osborne Sep 28th 2020

    Steve Butcher’s Mamba Glide

    Awesome product. Husband had a serious head injury from a biking accident and had to have brain surgery 6 weeks ago. He also had road rash that wasn’t healing. Been using Mamba Glide for 3 days now and it’s healing properties are amazing. Wounds are finally healing, reduced swelling and redness.