Tattoo Aftercare Products

Aftercare is an essential part of safety for tattoos, piercings and other body modification processes. Both artists and customers should be aware of proper techniques to take care of their body art. At Electrum Supply, we have a broad inventory of tattoo aftercare products to prevent infection, promote healing and keep your new ink looking its best. Professional artists trust the premium soaps, ointments, washes and bandages from Electrum. Browse our tattoo and piercing aftercare products today.

Tattoo and Piercing Aftercare Options

Whether a client is new to the tattoo industry or an old pro, aftercare is a critical part of the healing process. The right care ensures that tattoos, body modifications and piercings heal quickly and properly.

Here are a few of the top brands of tattoo aftercare products available at Electrum Supply:

  • Electrum: Electrum Gold Standard Foaming Wash with CBD and DERMOR Protective Dermal Armor bandages are our premium aftercare products for tattoos.
  • Mamba Glide by Steve Butcher: Mamba Glide is without doubt the most comprehensive glide & aftercare available in tattooing. Proven by loads of customer testimonials, it's so good it almost feels like the tattoo is healing while you're still tattooing it! It's also great for many other skin ailments such as, scrapes, cuts, burns, psoriasis, calluses, rashes. It's even been used on diaper rash and nipples of breast feeding mothers, as well as dry pet noses and paws.
  • Hustle Butter: Hustle Butter Deluxe provides lubrication and soothing comfort. This tattoo aftercare ointment is a versatile product that you can use before, during and after a session. Electrum carries Hustle Butter ointment in 1 oz. and 5 oz. tubs as well as individual packettes. 
  • INK EEZE: Professional tattoo artists and their clients use tattoo ointment from INK EEZE for lubrication during a session and aftercare during the recovery period. Check out our stock of INK EEZE CBD GlideGreen Glide and Pink Glide Tattoo Ointments.
  • Redemption: Our Redemption products include a foaming tattoo wash and an all-in-one ointment that acts as a lubricant, barrier and aftercare. Redemption was the first USDA-certified petroleum replacement for professional tattoo artists.
  • Saniderm: Transparent adhesive bandages from Saniderm are breathable, flexible and waterproof. Put them on your new ink to keep it safe and improve the healing process. Buy Saniderm bandages in bulk to save even more. 
  • View Guard: View Guard Transparent Dressings are sterile, easy-to-use bandages that fit the body's contours and provide a secure barrier against dirt and germs. 
  • Dial: Dial Antibacterial Hand Soap with Moisturizer is a powerful antiseptic that artists and customers can use to clean a new tattoo and protect against infection. You can get this aftercare soap in two sizes — 7.5 fl oz. or 1 gal.
  • Dr. Bronners: Biodegradable and effective, Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Pure-Castile Soaps are made with organic ingredients that are great for sensitive skin.

Aftercare Products From Electrum Supply

Electrum Supply has been a leader in the tattoo industry for almost a decade. Our artist-founded business is all about helping professional tattoo artists and studios get the best equipment and supplies at the best prices. Pay less for high-quality products thanks to our competitive pricing and high manufacturing standards. We understand what professional artists need, and our customer service team goes above and beyond to help you with every order. 

Get Tattoo Aftercare Supplies Today

Don't overlook the importance of aftercare for tattoos, piercings and other body modifications. The comfort and safety of your customers should always be a priority in your studio. Contact us to learn more about tattoo aftercare and get the supplies you need today.