Cheyenne Rotary Tattoo Machine

For tattoo artists in need of professional equipment, look no further than Cheyenne rotary machines and accessories. At Electrum Supply, we carry premium tools from the top brands, including HAWK Pens and SOL Nova tattoo machines from Cheyenne. Check out our range of options to find the high-quality equipment you need to take your art to the next level.

Cheyenne Rotary Machines for Sale

Cheyenne is one of the most trusted names in the tattoo industry. Based in Berlin, the team at Cheyenne has developed professional equipment for tattoo artists around the world since 2006. They continually design, develop and manufacture robust and innovative tools that meet the highest international standards.

Cheyenne has revolutionized the tattoo industry over and over with its constantly improving technology, from single-use cartridges to electric and wireless rotary machines. Electrum is proud to offer our customers the power and reliability of Cheyenne equipment.

Available Cheyenne Products

Take a look at our Cheyenne rotary machines and accessories to find the tools you need.

SOL Nova Unlimited Wireless Tattoo Machine

The SOL Nova Unlimited from Cheyenne is the company's first wireless tattoo machine. The cordless operation and intuitive design maximize your freedom of movement, making it easier than ever to work boldly and comfortably. The SOL Nova Unlimited has a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, which provides a minimum of five hours of working time every time. The user-friendly design enables you to easily charge and operate this machine.

You can choose between two strokes: 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm. The SOL Nova Unlimited comes with two batteries, a charging cable and a protective case.

HAWK Pen Tattoo Machine 

Cheyenne's innovative HAWK Pen blurs the line between drawing and tattooing. An industry game-changer, the ergonomic pen shape transformed the way tattoo artists can use their machines. Offering greater freedom of movement and responsive performance, the HAWK Pen's design is great for lining and shading. The HAWK Pen also features low vibration and volume levels, providing maximum usability for artists and maximum comfort for customers.

At Electrum Supply, we offer the HAWK Pen in multiple colors, including black, bronze, orange, purple and red. Each pen comes with power cords and a protected cable jack connection.

Cheyenne Ergo Disposable Grips 

Grips are an essential part of the Cheyenne rotary machine design. In the hands of an artist, these disposable grips ensure comfort and precision. Sterile and individually wrapped, they promote a safe and hygienic environment for both artists and customers.

Cheyenne Disposable Grips are compatible with the HAWK Pen and SOL Nova and come in three shapes and sizes: Ergo One InchErgo Round and Ergo Long (which is only compatible with HAWK machines). 

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Electrum Supply is an industry leader in all things tattoos. Professional tattoo artists trust our premium equipment, high standards and outstanding customer service. We carry Cheyenne and other powerful brands at competitive prices, so you're getting the best products and the best value.

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