Tattoo Furniture

Your tattoo studio is your place of business. Keeping the environment comfortable and accessible for both artists and customers is critical to your success. Electrum Supply has high-quality tattoo furniture to make your space more comfortable, efficient and organized.

Quality Tattoo Furniture for Sale

The furniture in your studio helps define your workflow and energy, as well as the overall comfort of your clients and tattoo artists. At Electrum, our inventory of premium tattoo furniture — which includes stools, tables, lighting and accessories — allows you to create a professional and comfortable working environment.


Whether you've got a lot of clients lined up or a long session on your schedule, you know you spend a lot of time sitting down on your chair or stool. Invest in a seat that provides the support and comfort you need all day long. Electrum Supply offers rolling swivel stools that are ideal for tattoo artists. Their sleek black and metallic appearance means they're sure to fit right into any studio.

We have the classic round swivel seat as well as an adjustable saddle-seat stool to suit your style. The hydraulic lift allows you to adjust the height and a 360-degree swivel enables a full range of movement, no matter where you are. Easy to assemble and clean, these stools are sure to keep you comfortable during every tattooing session.

Tables and Rests

Investing in quality tattoo furniture for your customers can help you provide a better experience for both of you. A comfortable client is a happier client, especially during long sessions. Electrum has tattoo beds and arm and leg rests to support your guests as you work. Even for smaller projects, an Electrum Premium Arm/Leg Rest can provide extra stability for your customers. With an easy-to-clean leather top and adjustable height, you can use this rest for any tattooing or piercing procedure.

Massage tables and tattoo beds are perfect for larger projects and tattoos located on the back of the body. High-density foam, a sanitary leather surface and a sturdy and adjustable frame allow clients to lie facedown in comfort as you work on their tattoos. At Electrum, we offer portable massage beds in black and pink to fit your style.


Lighting is an often overlooked necessity in a studio. Good lighting allows you to deliver solid results for your customers. Electrum Supply offers tattoo lamps for professional artists looking to brighten their spaces. Our Daylight Gemini LED Floor Lamp provides flexibility, high contrast and stability so you can see exactly what you need to as you work, and our smart lamps have color matching capabilities, so you can be confident in the shades and details of every design.


Electrum Supply also offers tools like instrument trays, soap or liquid dispensers and light tables to meet your studio's furniture requirements.

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The Electrum team is dedicated to providing professional artists with the tattoo supplies they need, from ink and stencils to furniture. We've led the industry in innovation and equipment reliability for almost 10 years. Check out our selection of tattoo furniture and make a purchase to enhance your space today.