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Buy Tattoo Ink

The ink you use has a huge impact on your artwork. The ink is what people see long after your customer leaves your chair. That's why you need the best tattoo ink for every project. At Electrum Supply, we provide the best inks available to professional artists around the world. We carry leading brands like Dynamic, Intenze and more. Check out our full selection of rich and lasting tattoo inks today.

Premium Tattoo Ink From Top Brands

Our inventory includes over a dozen brands and covers the full spectrum of pigments. Whether you're looking for black and grey ink to bring out details and depth or vibrant, saturated inks for full-color designs, we have what you need. Here are a few of the top brands we carry at Electrum Supply:

  • Electrum Ink: Electrum has led the charge with quality products for nearly a decade, and our inks are no exception. Formulated for ease of use, superior brightness, and excellent heals this ink is sure to become one of your favorites.
  • Dynamic: Dynamic brings you premium black and white inks that you can blend for depth, detail and boldness in graywash or monotone tattoos.
  • Empire Ink: This brand has created a new standard in graywash tattoo ink that emphasizes quality over quantity. We offer Empire Ink's classic black, ivory black and white inks, as well as its four-stage graywash and whitewash sets.
  • Perma Blend: Electrum Supply carries almost 200 shades of premium permanent cosmetic pigments from Perma Blend. These colors will give your clients the natural or dramatic makeup look they want.
  • Eternal InkWith Eternal's premium tattoo inks, you can get individual bottles or full sets of the brightest colors available. Choose from dozens of pigments to design and create bold, full-saturation pieces.
  • Intenze: Intenze's most well-known product is Zuper Black, the darkest and most intense black tattoo ink on the market. Add depth and detail to all of your designs with the best black from Intenze.
  • World Famous Ink: Get the full range of graywash and colors you need from World Famous Ink. We carry individual bottles and complete collections from World Famous, including outlining inks, monochromatic sets and over a dozen colorful packs.

Electrum Supply offers these top tattoo ink brands and more.

Searching for the Best Tattoo Ink Supplier?

At Electrum, we know how important ink and color are when envisioning, designing and creating a tattoo. That's why we work with trusted suppliers and carry only the best premium ink products. When you buy tattoo ink from us, you can be sure that you're getting superior supplies at the best prices for your business.

Electrum Supply has been at the forefront of the tattoo industry for almost 10 years. We've gained the trust and respect of professional artists worldwide thanks to our innovation, commitment to quality and relationships with our customers. Our team is dedicated to getting artists the tools they need to create and grow.

Get High-Quality Tattoo Ink Today

If you're a professional artist looking to buy tattoo ink for your work, Electrum Supply is the right place for you. Take a look at our ink inventory and place an order today.