Tattoo Needle Cartridges

Electrum Supply creates sophisticated and reliable needle cartridges so you can elevate your practice and produce crisp and vibrant work. Electrum's flagship needles are the Electrum Gold Standard Needle Cartridges in sizes from 2.5mm to 7.7mm tapers and various configurations for both professional tattoo artists and permanent cosmetics. We're proud to say our needles are one of few cartridge types licensed fully by MT Derm.

Each cartridge in the Gold Standard Needle Cartridge line comes with a membrane system that prevents ink backflow and keeps your machines and grips clean. Our cartridges are sterilized with ethylene oxide (EO) gas and feature 20 pieces per box so you can get through every long session.

Get the Best Tattoo Needle Cartridges From Electrum Supply

At Electrum Supply, we produce an assortment of needle cartridges including round, flat, magnum and bugpin needles. From thick, detailed line work to intense color filling, we have you completely covered. For those looking to try our line of needle cartridges but are unsure where to start, we offer a small Electrum Gold Standard Cartridge Sample Pack featuring a 5RL, 7RLT, 9RS, 9M, 11MC-BP and an Electrum Gold Standard Ergo Foam Cartridge Grip. 

Round Needles

Electrum produces round needles in shader and liner styles. When you're working on detailed technical work and lines, our regular tight and super tight round needle cartridges have the tightly packed needles you need to create stunning line work. We offer the following round needles in various tightnesses: 

Flat Needles

Our flat needles consist of a bar of soldered linear needles and deliver more ink to create clear, dark lines in just one stroke. With our flat needles, you can create colorful fills and thick dark lines with quick strokes. Electrum Supply makes the following flat needles: 

Magnum Needles

When it's time to start shading, our magnum needle cartridges allow for the most coverage and hold a generous amount of ink. Available in weaved and stacked configurations, our magnum needles come with various tightnesses. We manufacture the following kinds:

Bugpin Needles

Electrum Supply produces thinly grouped bugpin needles so you can create the smoothest gradients and greatly refine your portrait work. The needle configuration's close grouping creates less space between strokes. Electrum Supply makes the following bugpin needles:

Permanent Cosmetic Needles

At Electrum Supply, we have a special line of premium cosmetic cartridges that are among the best in the industry. We produce flat, round liner, round shader and curved magnum cartridges in the following lines:

Enhance Your Tattooing Work With Electrum Supply

At Electrum Supply, we have a reputation for selling the best cartridges on the market. As artists, we understand the importance of a great needle, and we're confident our line of Electrum Gold Standard Needle Cartridges can help you elevate your craft and create detailed and vibrant work. To learn more about our quality tattoo needle cartridges or ask questions about our products, contact us today.