Premium Tattoo Needles

At Electrum Supply, we are professional artists who understand the difference an excellent tattoo needle can make. Every needle we produce or sell from our partners is created with the highest standards of consistency and quality, helping you elevate your work and create detailed, crisp and colorful works of art. Let us be your one-stop shop for every needle you require, from liners to magnums to bugpins to flats. 

The needles in our Electrum Traditions line feature flat soldering to enhance ink flow. As an artist-owned company, we consistently ensure the excellence of our Electrum Traditions needles so you can produce sharp and detailed work. Every needle we sell is sterilized with ethylene oxide (EO) gas and comes with 50 needles per box. 

Tattoo Needles From Electrum Supply

The Electrum Traditions line of premium tattoo needles is the right choice for beginning artists and experienced professionals alike. Regardless of your tattoo style, our versatile needles help you reach your full artistic potential while respecting tattoo tradition. At Electrum Supply, we produce bugpin, magnum and round needles.

Below, explore the diverse range of Electrum Traditions needles we offer and see how they can upgrade your work in the studio.

Bugpin Needles

Create smooth gradients and lifelike portrait work with bugpin needles from Electrum Supply. Each bugpin needle consists of closely grouped thin needles that create less space between strokes than any other type. Our bugpin needles have a slow and steady ink flow that's perfect for creating highly photorealistic tattoos and portraiture. We produce the following bugpin needles:

Magnum Needles

With magnum needles and their ability to hold a generous amount of ink, you can produce impressive shading and coverage. With their range of curved, traditional and textured configurations, Electrum Supply magnum needles are great for every type of shading. Our magnum needles are ideal for color packing large areas and require fewer passes so your customers' skin is less irritated. Our line of curved magnum needles is designed for crisp and consistent lines and incredibly soft shading. Electrum makes the following magnum needles:

Round Needles

Electrum Supply round needles allow you to create stunningly crisp details and line work. Electrum Supply produces round needles with regular and super tightness, as well as round shaders. Our round needles are versatile enough to use on traditional and nontraditional styles and excel on projects requiring crisp and intricate lettering. We carry the following round types:

Find the Perfect Needle for Your Work With Electrum Supply

As artists ourselves, we know the importance of having the right needle on hand while performing tattooing work. With premium-quality needles from the Electrum Traditions line, you can bring tried-and-true tradition to your new and innovative work. For more information about our needles or advice on which needle is right for you, contact us today.