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Tattoo stencils and supplies are a major part of every artist's toolkit. Stencils enable artists at any level to get the accuracy, consistency and quality they need. Artists and customers alike can use stencils to check out the size and details of a design before making it permanent. Even freehand artists can use stencil supplies like markers and transfer paper to elevate their work. Browse our selection of tattoo stencils and accessories for sale.


Tattoo Stencils and Supplies


At Electrum Supply, we carry a wide range of stencil-related products to meet all of your professional tattooing needs. We only offer tools and accessories of the highest quality, so you can deliver the best results to your clients. Our stock of tattoo stencil supplies includes:


  • Markers and skin pens: These tools allow you to create detailed and lasting designs on transfer paper or skin. Our Electrum Tattoo Stencil Marker is alcohol resistant and medical marking-grade, and it remains visible up to 10 times longer than traditional skin ink. Get the most out of these disposable pens when you buy in bulk.
  • Stencil primer: Electrum Premium Stencil Primers are a must-have for artists who want to keep their stencils visible and locked in place. Our primers work with both carbon stencils and markers to ensure a smooth transfer with every application, making it easier than ever to produce bold, consistently outstanding work. Try the original Electrum Premium Tattoo Stencil Primer for all stencil applications, or for more detailed stencils, try our Electrum Gold Standard Stencil Primer.
  • Stencil Removal: Need to remove an improperly placed stencil and want to do it EASILY? Try Electrum Premium Skin Prep & Stencil Repositioner. This product has been formulated specifically as a dual product.  First, it is ideal for cleansing the skin. Formulated with Australian Tea Tree oil, it is a perfect natural antiseptic that also prevents over drying of the skin that you see with straight alcohol based cleansers. Non-harsh and removes stencils with EASE!
  • Tattoo stencil ink: Our NOX Violet Tattoo Stencil Ink and Electrum ECO STENCIL Printer Ink help you create long-lasting, vibrant designs. Whether you practice freehand styles or use a printed stencil, this ink is great for long tattoo sessions, crisp details and bold artistry.
  • Tracing paper: We carry reams of Pacon Tracing Paper, a semi-transparent parchment perfect for tracing or printing Electrum Eco stencils. Easily transfer from paper to skin for precise designs that last.
  • Thermal transfer paper: Electrum Gold Standard Thermal Paper and Spirit Classic Thermal Transfer Paper are professional supplies for thermal printers. With thermal transfers, you get clear, high-quality stencils that are safe on the skin and made to last.


Why Choose Tattoo Stencils From Electrum Supply?


When it comes to tattoo stencils, Electrum Supply is your best resource. We got our start in stencil products and continue to lead the industry after almost 10 years on the market. The professional artists we work with trust our dedication to quality, which is why they return again and again to purchase our innovative products.


We carry leading brands and tattoo supplies you can rely on. Electrum prices competitively, so you know you're getting superior products at the best rate. Our tattoo stencil markers, ink and other accessories will help you reach the next level of artistry. We're passionate about getting tattoo artists the supplies they need, and no one else comes close to offering our high level of customer service.


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