Tattoo Grips and Tips 

The grip and handling of the tattoo machine form the cornerstone of every artist's style. Whether you already know what works best for you or you're experimenting to find the right fit, Electrum Supply has a selection of premium tattoo tubes and grips for professional artists. Browse our inventory and find what you're looking for today. 

Tattoo Accessories for Sale 

A tattoo artist's toolkit contains several parts that can shape grip and form. At Electrum, we offer grips, tubes, tips and other accessories so you can develop your personal style. 


When it comes to your grip, every tattoo artist prefers something different. That's why Electrum Supply offers plenty of options. We have a broad range of tattoo grips of all kinds in stock. Whether you like disposable cartridge grips, grip tape, grip sleeves or combination grip tubes, you're sure to find a grip that works for you. 

Electrum carries the top brands in the tattoo industry. Our premium grip inventory includes: 

In addition to grips, we also have Electrum Plunger Drive Bars to drive cartridge needles with standard or vice-style tattoo machines. 


Tattoo tubes allow you to hold needles and visualize ink flow as you work. Depending on your preference, you can get tubes with or without grips included. Ink tubes often come in sets with grips or grips and tips. Electrum has several grip-and-tube sets, including Electrum Traditions Disposable Tube & Grip Sets and Vision Tube & Grip Sets. 

You can also buy Gripless Clear Rinse Disposable Tubes individually. These round plastic tubes are sterilized and come in 12 sizes to fit your tattooing needs. 


Every artist knows it's important to keep an assortment of tattoo tips on hand in the studio. Whatever your personal preference, you use different tips for projects of different sizes and styles. Make sure you always have enough with Electrum's set of disposable tattoo tips. The Electrum Traditions Individual Steel Tattoo Tips pack includes round, diamond and flat tips. These two-inch stainless steel tips will help you create the most accurate and consistent designs. 

Tattoo Grips From Electrum Supply 

Electrum Supply is an artist-led, artist-focused business dedicated to delivering high-quality products. We've been at the forefront of the tattoo industry for almost 10 years, providing professional artists with the best brands at the best prices. There's a reason our customer loyalty is so high. When you shop with Electrum, you know you're getting powerful equipment you can trust. 

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If you're looking for tattoo grips and tips or tattoo tubes, check out our selection of premium products. Make a purchase today or contact us for more information!